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Notice to California Residents


The AGS had decided to allow membership of citizens of the sate of California. However, their membership shall be limited in that they cannot register gerbils or place listings as a breeder. Why? Because gerbils are illegal in California, and the AGS cannot promote illegal activities. If you would like to work on changing this unfair law visit our State to State Law website. You will find contact information.

Here are the relevant portions of the law that prohibits them:

It is unlawful to import, transport, possess, or release alive into this sate, except under a revocable, nontransferable permit as provided in this chapter and the regulations pertaining thereto, any wild animal of the following species:


(b) Class Mammalia Order Rodentia (rodents) All species, except domesticated golden hamsters, also known as Syrian hamster, Mesocrietus auratus; domesticated races of rats or mice (white or albino; trained, dancing or spinning, laboratory-reared); and domestic strains of guinea pig (Cavia porcellus).


(k) Classes, families, genera, and species in addition to those listed in this section may be added to or deleted from the above lists from time to time by commission regulations in cooperation with the Department of Food and Agriculture."

Due to potential legal ramifications the AGS must actively discourage the keeping of gerbils illegally in the state of California. We will not knowingly allow a citizen of CA to register gerbils with our organization, but they may be a member and receive newsletters, etc.

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