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Texas Gerbil Breeders

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Fuzzy Feet 'n' Furry Tails Gerbils
City: Boerne
Email: ffnftgerbils@gvtc.com
Price: $15 per pair
Specialty: Healthy and sweet gerbils


Central Texas Gerbils
City: Austin
Email: austingerbils@gmail.com
Price: $15/pair
Speciality: Sweet, loving, hand-tamed gerbils


Aggieland Gerbils
City: College Station
Email: aggielandgerbils@yahoo.com
Price: $10 each, $15/pair
Speciality: Colorpoints and Spotted/Pied


Happy Tails Gerbils of Houston
City: Houston
Email: happytails.gerbils@gmail.com
Price: varies


DFW Little Critters
City: Celina
Email: dfw.little.critters@gmail.com
Price: $20/pair


Moon Breeze Gerbils
Greta and Jenni
City: Austin
Email: adopt@moonbreezegerbils.com
Price: $10.00 each, generally sold in pairs
Specialty: Curious & gentle gerbils, colors: Color Points, Slates & Grays, Schimmels, Honeycreams & Spotted


North Texas Gerbils
City: Allen
Email: ntxgerbils@halocube.com
Price: Starting at $15 a pair
Specialty: Hand-tamed, sweet rare colorpoints


Gerby Derby
City: Houston
Email: kbmatza@gmail.com
Price: $15 each, $20 for pair
Specialty: Fun, friendly pets


Yasashi Sunanezumi
City: San Antonio
Email: "yasashi.sunanezumi@gmail.com" <yasashi.sunanezumi@gmail.com>;
Price: $8 Each, $12 For Same Sex Pair
Specialty: Silver Dove and Blacks


Legends Gerbils
City: Round Rock
Email: mRyberg@Austin.RR.com
Price: $20.00 per PAIR


J&T'S Little Critters
City: Burkburnett
Email: jaisa.mcclain101@gmail.com
Price: The price depends on the gerbil our lowest prices is $10 but the highest price is $25.

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