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Silver Nutmeg Color Strips

Color Pigment Fuzz Fur Post-Molt
Silver Nutmeg
aa C* ee gg P*
Silver Nutmeg Pigment Silver Nutmeg Fuzz Silver Nutmeg Fur Silver Nutmeg Post Molt
Spotted Silver Nutmeg
aa C* ee gg P* Spsp
Spotted Silver Nutmeg Pigment Spotted Silver Nutmeg Fuzz Spotted Silver Nutmeg Fur Spotted Silver Nutmeg Post Molt
CP Silver Nutmeg
aa cbcb ee gg P*
CP Silver Nutmeg Pigment CP Silver Nutmeg Fuzz CP Silver Nutmeg Fur CP Silver Nutmeg Post Molt

The Gerbil Color Strips may not be copied, in whole or part, without prior written permission from the American Gerbil Society.


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