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Gerbil Tales


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Gerbils Health & Education
Code of Ethics    by Janet Morrow
Breeding Gerbils    by Donna Anastasi
Bringing Up Baby    by Jackie Roswell & Julian Barker
Help I Think My Gerbils Have Mites!   Deb Rebel
Gerbil 'Manners'    by Tana Lyman
Basic Genetics Cheat Sheet    by Donna Anastai & Janet Morrow
Seizures in Gerbils    by Julian Barker
Gerbils: The concept of Clan    by Donna Anastasi
Emergency Kits    by AGS Members
Heat Stroke and Hypothermia    by Jackie Roswell
The History of the American Gerbil Society    by Judith Block
Points Summary    by Jo Kelly
Building A Secure Split Cage    by Kylee Dickey
When to See the Vet - Interview with Dr. Sager    by Libby Hanna
2005 NE Show Report    by Donna Anastasi
It's Showtime! Getting Gerbils Ready for a Show    by Janet Morrow
Heat and Hypothermia    by Libby Hanna
Quick Links: Finding a Vet
Gerbil Gastronomy: Recipes for Your Clan  from the AGS List
Salmonella and LCMV Infections in Pocket Pets  by Libby Hanna
Help! I've Got Mites!  by Donna Anastasi
Animal Hoarding  reprinted with permission from the Rhode Island SPCA Newsletter
Split Cage Introductions  by Donna Anastasi
Quick Links: Learning Gerbil Genetics  compiled from the AGS List
Make The Most Of Your Veterinary Visit  by Amanda Childress
What Is A “High-White Gerbil”?  by Donna Anastasi
Preparing Gerbils For Show  by Donna Anastasi
Quick Links: Pup Development  compiled by Kylee Dickey

The Pup Pages (stuff for kids by kids)
Ask Ruth - Issue #5    by Ruth H.
Ask Ruth - Issue #6    by Ruth H.
Ask Ruth - Issue #7    by Ruth H.
Ask Ruth - Issue #8    by Ruth H.
Why I Like Gerbils    by Tara S.
Classroom Gerbil Art   by Thomas B., Mary K., Daniel I., and Sarah N.
Guest Artists & Authors  by Miss Petrocelli’s First Grade Class
Guest Artists & Authors  by Mrs. Wait’s Kindergarten Class
Ask Ruth - Issue #9   by Ruth H.
From The Bookshelf: Usborne First Pets: Gerbils  review by Caroline H.
Guest Artists & Authors  by Mrs. Davies' 1st and 2nd Grade Class

Fun & Inspiration
The Gerbil of The Wilderness  by Don Naseth
Secret Agent - Licensed to Sniff!    by Julian Barker
My Nightmare    by Ann-Marie Roberts
Raisin    by Alexandra Hawken
Peanut by Alexandra Hawken
Ode to Percil    by Melanie Gall
The Escapee    by Ann-Marie Roberts
Conquering the World    by Lise & Olivier
Ellies    by Matt Honigford
Suna-Nezumi Suna-Nezumi    by Keisuke Ohta
End of the Nightmare     by A Gerbil's Life
Boris    by Jimena Pimas
Renata    by Jimena Pimas
Gerbil Paradise    by Nancy Layman
Rat!"    by Henrique Machado
Twas the Night Before Christmas ~ Little Rascals style!    by Tana Lyman
Day 18    by Rachel Wall
Gerbil Protectors   by Judith Block
Smell the Flowers    by Bill Revis
Gerbil Eating Seed"    by Henrique Machado
Midwest Show Puzzle    by Jo Kelly
Phoebe: Artist    by Judith Block
Gerbilariums: Recycled Art for Gerbils    by Ruth & Libby Hanna
Gerbil Color Puzzle (Issue #7)      by Libby Hanna
How I Got Into Gerbils  by Haley Wendell
Top 10 Ways To Sneak A New Gerbil Into The House  compiled from the AGS List by Diane Nott
Gerbil Color Puzzle (Issue #8)    by Libby & Ruth Hanna
Guest Cartoonist   John Kovalic

Getting to Know Each Other
Gerbil Fever!    by Janet Morrow
Prairie Home's Zoo    by Jocie Kessinger
Maestro¬ís Brood    by Michelle Inman
Knolls Gerbils    by Judith H. Block
Aller Letzte Gerbils    by Eduardo Machado
Meet the Champions - Patience    by Tana Lyman
“El Clan de Houdini”    by Laura Pimás
Midnight Sun Rodentry  by Kim P.
Fairfield  by Judith Block
Black Wolf Clan  by Jo Kelley
GerbilsNW  by Amy Paben
Better With Age  by Judith Block, Kylee Dickey, Diane Nott & Susan Brown
AGS & Gerbils In The News  compiled by Kylee Dickey
Recent Kennel Happenings  submitted by AGS members


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