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2017 16th Annual New England Show
June 9-10, 2017
Bedford, MA

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For the protection of all kennels attending the show, the AGS has developed a strict quarantine requirement. This will help ensure that no viruses, bacterial infections, mites, or lice are introduced to the kennel from outside sources.

Each kennel bringing/sending animals and/or equipment must strictly quarantine their kennel for four weeks prior to attending the show, beginning no later than May 13, 2017. NO new gerbils, rodents, exotics, birds, or reptiles will be introduced to the kennel during this four-week period. If you have any unexplained deaths or illnesses during the quarantine period, NO animals from your kennel should be brought to the show.

Health Inspection

All animals entering the 16th Annual New England Show must first have a thorough health check. AGS Officials and trained volunteers will conduct health checks and tank inspections on Friday 5-9 pm (approximate) and Saturday from 8-10 am.

If an animal shows signs of illness, they and their cagemates will be denied entry. If an animal or tank have mites or lice, or are thought to be contagious, the entire kennel will be denied entry to the show. (Mites, lice, respiratory infection, diarrhea, listlessness, or puffy or bedraggled fur are a few things that we are looking for.) Tanks will be inspected for cleanliness. Any tank that smells or appears dirty will NOT be permitted in the show.

Animals entering the show must be adequately housed and not overcrowded. The maximum number of animals allowed in a 10-gallon tank will be:

The maximum number of animals in smaller or larger housing should be proportionate to the size of the housing. In addition, it is recommended that animals being introduced for show travel together and be in stable pairs/groupings for at least one week prior to the show. Animals that show bite marks or signs of fighting may be denied entry to the show and/or required by the health inspectors to be split up and housed separately.

Tanks should be labeled with the number, gender, age, and status (i.e., for sale/adoption, show, companion of show animal, etc.) For example:

Morning Glory Kennel (Jennifer Martin)
Breeding pair (not for sale)
RE Schimmel Male
Mottled Burmese Female
and 3 week old litter of 5 pups

The decision of the health inspectors with regard to what animals shall or shall be not be permitted entry shall be final.

Special Information about Mites

Anyone who sees mites on their animals during the quarantine period (May 14-June 9, 2017) must not bring ANY animals to the show AT ALL.

If you are treating your animals for mites with Ivermectin, the 30-day treatment should be completed on or about May 13, 2017. This will allow sufficient time for observation to make sure the treatment worked and your kennel is mite-free. A mite hatching cycle is 3-14 days, so you will need 2-3 weeks to be certain if your treatment was successful.

It is fine to apply mite preventative during the quarantine to gerbils that do not have mites.

We encourage anyone with current or recent mite problems to contact a Show Official with questions and further discussion about bringing animals to the show.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When two or more kennels are traveling together, or sharing a hotel room before the animals are inspected, their gerbils and equipment must be presented for Health Inspection together. If one kennel is denied entry to the show due to for illness and/or mites or lice; all involved kennels will also be prohibited from bringing their animals and equipment into the show. Please be sure that you know and trust those that you are traveling and sharing rooms with. Not only does your show experience depend on it, but also the health of your kennel.

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