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2017 16th Annual New England Show Results
Compiled by Jo Kelley
Pup, Not Self or WB
1st 8 wk Mot Black F Michele Rush Double Star Gerbils(NE)
2nd 10 week Schimmel male
3rd 8 week CPN male
Pup Class, Self & WB
1st 10-week Nutmeg M Cory Hoover C & J Kennels (NE)
2nd 10-week Yellow Fox F Diane Nott Heavenly Heart Gerbilry (OH)
3rd 11-week Dove M Donna Anastasi ABC Gerbils (NH)
Self, Ticked
1st 2-yr Nutmeg M Rebecca Azer Gerbil Parade (MA)
2nd 1-yr Silver Nutmeg M Jo Kelley Black Wolf Clan (MT)
3rd 1-yr Nutmeg M Leigh Dibden Gerbils by Leigh (ME)
Self Class, Not Ticked
1st 8 mo Black F Leigh Dibden
BOS 2 yr Blue M Tracy Kukkonen Oishii Gerbils (MA)
2nd 1.5-year Black M Rebecca Azer
3rd 2-year Red Fox M
HM 6-mo Blue M Emily Poirier Galaxy Gerbils (MA)
WB (yellow)
1st 4-month DEH F Jo Kelley
2nd 4-mo DEH F KJ Johnson Moonstone Gerbils (MA)
3rd 1-yr DEH M
WB (not yellow)
1st 1-year Agouti M Donna Anastasi
2nd 1-year Agouti M Cory Hoover
3rd 1-year Agouti M Rebecca Azer
1st 1-year Burmese M Rebecca Azer
BOS 8-mo Colorpoint Agouti F
2nd 2-year Siamese F KJ Johnson
3rd 1-year Siamese M Rebecca Azer
HM 1-year Burmese F Leigh Dibden
1st 1-year Honey Cream M Emily Poirier
2nd 4-mo Red-Eyed Schimmel M KJ Johnson
3rd 6-mo Schimmel M
Classic Spot
1st 1.5-year Red Eyed Honey Spot M KJ Johnson
2nd 1-year Argente Spot F Heather Schat Lady Heather's Gerbils (CO)
3rd 2-year Burmese Spot M Judi Poirier J & M Gerbils (MA)
1st 2-year Pied Silver Nutmeg M Michele Rush
2nd 1-year Pied Agouti Spot F Tracy Kukkonen
3rd 3 mo Pied Ivory Cream F Michele Rush
Mottled Class
1st 1-yr Mottled Black M Emily Poirier
BOS 4-mo Mottled Black F KJ Johnson
2nd 4-mo Mottled Black F Donna Anastasi
3rd 2.5-year Mottled Black M KJ Johnson
Senior Class
1st 3-yr Mottled Black M Judi Poirier
2nd 2.5-year Agouti F Cory Hoover
3rd 2.5-year Burmese F Leigh Dibden
Unstandardized Class
1st 1-yr Dilute Siamese F KJ Johnson
BOS 4-mo Dilute Gray Agouti Spot M KJ Johnson
2nd 1 yr Lt CP Nutmeg Rebecca Azer
3rd 1-year Dilute Nutmeg M KJ Johnson
Best In Show
Parade's Jason
1-yr Mottled Black
Shown by Emily Poirier, Galaxy Gerbils, MA
Bred by Rebecca Azer, Gerbil Parade (MA)
Best of Opposite Sex
Parade's Cumulonimbus
8-mo Colorpoint Agouti F
Bred & Shown by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)
Championships Earned
Parade's Cumulonimbus 8-mo Colorpoint Agouti F Bred & Shown by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)
Parade's Jason 1 yr Mottled Black M Shown by Emily Poirier, Galaxy Gerbils, MA
Bred by Rebecca Azer, Gerbil Parade (MA)
Galaxy's Built for Speed (Lexus) 3-year-old Mottled Black Male Bred & shown by Judi Poirier, J ∧ Em Gerbils (MA)
MS's Xavier 1.5 yr Red Eyed Honey Spot Bred by Rebecca Ward of Rebecca Ward Gerbils(VA)
Shown by KJ Johnson, Moonstone Gerbils (MA)
Grand Championships Earned
NameDescriptionShown by / Bred byChampion offspring
FF's The Man of Steel "Superman" Mottled Lilac M Judi Poirier
J & Em Gerbils (MA)
Kecia Santerre
Furry Flowers (NH)
Galaxy's Sun Dance Kid "Cassidy"
Mottled Argente M
Judi & Emily Poirier

JEM's Calleigh
Mottled Argente F
Judi & Emily Poirier

Galaxy's Built for Speed "Lexus"
Mot Black M
Judi & Emily Poirier
JEM's Panda Mottled Agouti F Judi Poirier, J & Em Gerbils (MA)
These are the third and fourth gerbils and the second mated pair to achieve a Grand Championship in AGS history.
AGS Breeder's Color Certificates Awarded
Silver Nutmeg
Jo Kelley, Black Wolf Clan (MT)
Michelle Rush, Double Star Gerbils (NE)
Michelle Rush, Double Star Gerbils (NE)
Ten Year Service Pins
The following members were recognized for ten plus years service in the AGS, attending shows all over the country at least once a year and serving as mentors within the AGS, but also volunteering countless hours serving as Judges, Health Inspectors, Show Secretary and Registar, Show Coordinators, and Board Members:
Donna Anastasi (AGS President)
Amy Paben (AGS Membership Secretary)
Jo Kelley (Show Secretary and Registar)

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