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2017 16th Annual New England Show
June 9-10, 2017
Bedford, MA

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You will need to follow these steps to show at the 16th Annual New England Show:

Eligible Animals

Kennels are limited to entering a total of thirteen gerbils in the show. Animals born on or after March 10, 2017 and on or before April 29, 2017 are eligible for the Juvenile (Pup) Class for this show. Animals born on or before December 10, 2014 may be shown in the Senior class. After the registration deadline of Saturday, May 27, 2017, only animals with an AGS Registration ID# can be added or substituted.

Quarantine Requirements

All show participants must adhere to strict quarantine and health standards. Please read the Health Page carefully before registering your gerbils.

Pre-payment and Refund Policy

The AGS expends considerable financial and volunteer resources on each show, and depends on the attendance of members to make shows work. For that reason, pre-payment of show fees are required and full refunds will be offered only through the refund deadline of Saturday, May 28, 2017.

Show Pens

Gerbil show pens must be a medium-sized "Kritter Keeper". All gerbil show pens should be filled with white carefresh and contain some food and a baby carrot as a substitute water source. It is important that show pens be as indistinguishable as possible for the sake of fairness. Please remove any obvious markings or distinguishing characteristics from show cages other than the AGS-provided show ID tag.

On the Show Floor

An AGS Show is a chance for us to demonstrate high quality gerbil care to the public. Your table should convey this message. Tanks and equipment should be clean and serviceable. Animals on members' tables must have access to water. Carrots are a fine substitue water source for travel and while in the show box, but are insufficient for a show's full duration. We invite you to create educational materials and to decorate and label your tanks in a way that conveys your love for your gerbils. These subtle messages do make an impression on visitors.

At the end of each show day, please clean up your area, dispose of all trash and remove anything but essential equipment to the space below your table. The show organizers will appreciate your willingness to help clean up and secure AGS tables, equipment and merchandise at the end of each day.

Special Rules

Health Inspections

Because of the size of this show, please arrive completely prepared for HI. Make sure equipment is clean. Have all containers clearly labeled with the number, color and gender of the gerbils inside. Clearly label ANY known, visible, non-contagious health problems such as head-tilts or tumors. DO NOT BRING ANIMALS WITH FUR LOSS TO THE SHOW - THEY WILL BE REJECTED - POSSIBLY YOUR ENTIRE KENNEL. Please do the inspectors the favor of STEPPING AWAY from your inspection so that they can confer frankly about any problems they encounter. Your cooperation will speed us along and keep the show running promptly.

Traveling with Gerbils

If you will be traveling any distance with your gerbils, please read our advice regarding traveling with gerbils before you plan your trip.

Can Someone Else Show My Gerbils For Me?

Members may show up to six gerbils without attending the show themselves. You should generally show only gerbils that a) have previous show points and are working toward a championship, or b) will be shown in a class or category in which you currently have points and are working toward an Exhibitor’s Certificate. This is a recommendation, not a hard-and-fast rule.

You must, however, have a member who is not a judge who can handle your gerbils and place them in their show boxes. This may be your driver but if your driver is a judge, s/he cannot be the handler. It is your responsibility to make sure your gerbils have a handler who is responsible for this.

All gerbils being shown in absentia must be pre-registered and paid in advance. Please read the detailed instructions about showing unaccompanied gerbils before you make your plans.

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