Pet Class – Results

  • Artistic: Artistic representations that capture the beauty and personality of the animal, or animals, featuring creative use of props, background, or computer manipulation.
  • Portraits: Photos of a single gerbil outside of its cage that capture its personality and individuality. Backgrounds should be complementary, and can accentuate the gerbil, but not be featured in an artistic manner.
  • Sleeping: Those rare photos taken when gerbils aren’t busy chewing and running… just dreaming peacefully and adorably of sunflower seeds and romantic dust baths!
  • Pups & Family Life: Let’s face it, once you get gerbil pups involved, the cuteness is overwhelming. So in fairness, photographs of gerbil babies and their families have their own category.
  • Best Friends Forever: Gerbils are social creatures, and the BFFs category celebrates the shenanigans gerbils get into when they have their partner in crime at their side!
  • Candids: Candids capture gerbils going about their daily business in the cutest possible way.
  • Gerbils in Motion: These gerbils are busy maintaining their show-ready figure! Whether they are running on their wheel, keeping their teeth pretty by chewing on some fun chews, or any other exciting activity, this category is for gerbils who like to move it, move it!