AGS Virtual Show 2016

Results - CLASS Pet: Candids

Judge: Tracy Kukkonen, Massachusetts, USA

Entries: 131 132 151 180 211

First Place


Owner: Chris Bartal, Ohio, USA

Pied Black male, 8 months old

Judges Comments:

A gerbil in action! This is a remarkably sharp shot of a gerbil in motion, doing one of the things they do best. The strong curve of the tail, the long stride, the determined look - perhaps this furry friend was inspired by the Olympics! Very attractive coloring.


Second Place

Owner: Nada Orlic, Belgrade, Serbia

Pied Agouti


Judges Comments:

An intriguing setup! This little one looks so curious about the outside world. The reflection of the whiskers is a fun and unusual feature of this photo. I love this gerbilís pretty spotting pattern and warm color.


Third Place


Owner: Diane Nott, Ohio, USA

White Male, 1.5 years

Judges Comments:

This one has been busy chewing! This gerbil has a very pleasing shape and stance, turning with interest toward the viewer. A nice pose showing his/her sweet face to good advantage. A sharper focus would have highlighted whiskers, eyes and cute pink nose even better.



Owner: Diane Nott, Ohio, USA

Lilac Male, 1 year 4 months

Judges Comments:

What a friendly looking gerbil who seems to want to come out and play! A better focus would have given more definition to this cutieís lovely features and funky hammock.



Owner: Tammy Hubbard, British Columbia, Canada

Black Female

Judges Comments:

A beautiful deep black! Although this photo is sharp, the gerbilís lovely fanning whiskers and very shiny coat would have been better showcased with a different pose to show his/her face and express more personality.