AGS Virtual Show 2016

Results - CLASS Senior

Judge: Katie Johnson, Massachusetts, USA

Entries: 126 158 169 200 201

First Place

SStar's Pizarro

Owner: Danielle Cromer, Florida, USA

Nutmeg Male, 3 yr 4 mo

Judges Comments:

He does not have the strong build of a younger male but his topline is smooth and flat. His head is well set into his neck. His color has faded but the fading of both the black and yellow faded evenly. He even still has a darker ventral line. His eyes are not fully open. His tail is straight. Overall he’s a really nice male.


Second Place

Balu of LennyLengo

Owner: Patrice Cassier, France

Yellow Fox Male, 3 yr 4 mo


Judges Comments:

He has lost some of the richness of his color, and it is a little uneven. This is common as gerbils age, especially gerbils who might already be lightened. The fur is a little matted around the ears. He still has a strong build and smooth topline. He may have already started to lose some of his muscle mass, but for an older gerbil he’s a good condition. I love that his eyes are still big and bright without being overly round. His tail is also straight and covered in fur.


Third Place

SRG ABC Kimchee SStar

Owner: Danielle Cromer, Florida, USA

Burmese Male, 3 years

Judges Comments:

His color is not as warm as a Burmese ought to be. He has little white in his coat which is uncommon in older gerbils. Overall he looks healthy but he does not have the same condition as a younger gerbil. His toenails are a good length, suggesting his teeth are okay.


Honorable Mention


Owner: Hannes Heiser

Lt. Nutmeg Female, 3 years

Judges Comments:

This gerbil is not exactly a standardized color as she lacks ticking. She’s a little soft on her belly but her topline is smooth and flat. Her eyes appear to be rounded. Her tail is straight and tapers. Overall for he age she is in good condition and bright eyed.



Owner: Chantel Monique, Wellingborough, UK

Dark Eyed Honey Female, 2½ years


Judges Comments:

She is a nice female. The side photo is a bit awkward as only two feet are on the ground. When the gerbils have 3 or 4 feet on the ground it’s much easier to imagine how they’d move. She is a little petite and slim. Her color is quite good for her age.