AGS Virtual Show 2016

Results - CLASS Spot and Honey Cream

Judge: Danielle Cromer, Florida, USA

Entries: 150 164 167 173 191

First Place

Occitane des Cergilles

Owner: Maryline Guillier, France

Honey Cream Female


Judges Comments:

A very sweet-looking girl with awesome whiskers and gorgeous dark almond eyes. Base color is a tad dark for Honey Cream, but white areas are a crisp, clean white. The side view is unfortunately washed out by the lighting; a top view would have been very handy here. Good thick tail but without much tuft. Coat looks soft and well-prepared for show.


Second Place

Telperien of Waterfield

Owner: Rumiko Küllsen, Jevenstedt, Germany

Honey Cream Spot Female


Judges Comments:

This is an interesting gerbil, as we so rarely see Spotted DEH rather than Honey Cream. The traditional Classic Spot pattern is clearly visible on a honey (rather than peach) base coat, with dark whiskers alongside the white. There is quite a bit of white flecking mixed in the colored areas, and she lacks the ticking called for in a DEH. She is quite bulky for a female, and could stand to slim down a bit. The tail is good, but lacking in tuft. Head is short and broad, with pretty almond eyes.


Third Place

Owner: Donna Anastasi, Massachusetts, USA

Spotted Agouti Female

Judges Comments:

A petite girl with a somewhat narrow head. Warm golden Agouti color with a nice crisp line of demarcation. A molt line is visible on her back, and the edges of her neck spot are just slightly ragged. Tail is a bit bendy, without much tuft.



Owner: Christin Ickler, Rostock, Germany

Lt. Nutmeg Spot Male

Judges Comments:

This male needs more bulk. He has a nice diamond-shaped head spot, but a sprawling neck spot with feathered edges. A few molt lines are visible, and there is some major fur loss on the tail. Head is a good shape, but eyes are very round. He's managed to keep a nice rich Nutmeg color despite the spotting.


Owner: Alexandra Beslay, Seine Maritime, France

Silver Nutmeg Spot Male

Judges Comments:

This is a very slim male, with a long, "ratty" head and round eyes. Spots are small and well-placed. He's quite light for a Silver Nutmeg, and a molt line is visible across the shoulders.