AGS Virtual Show 2016

Results - CLASS Unstandardized: Pre-Provisional & Variations

Judge: Libby Hanna, Massachusetts, USA

Entries: 140 145 147 170 193

About This Class: In a virtual show, this class is a place for variants that will probably never be standardized, but we also occasionally end up with an exciting new variant that might pass the distinctiveness test sufficiently to warrant consideration as a standard at some point, based on successful breeding and health through generations. Read on, we found one of these in this class this year, along with several other lovely animals that deserve credit for their own beauty regardless of conformance to a color standard.

First Place

Stadtmaus Sarasvati

Owner: Julia Zahn, Wuppertal, Germany

High White Agouti Female


Judges Comments:

Wow! If I were to sit down with some blank paper to draw a fantastical vision of a high-white gerbil, I would be lucky to come up with something this exotic and gorgeous. She pretty much had me at the soulful look in her eyes in her front view, and then the gentle flecking of agouti through that soft, white coat, with just the little dabs of dark color on the ears and tail! Lovely, strong feminine build, thick, tufty tail, nice head breadth and set; it's all here. This is a breathtaking animal. I can only hope she can breed a healthy line; this would be a terrific addition to the standards if that were possible. I'll be on the next flight to Düsseldorf with an empty Kritter Keeper.


Best Opposite

Forseti of Waterfield

Owner: Rumiko Küllsen, Schleswig Holstein, Germany

Light Nutmeg Male


Judges Comments:

Lovely conformation on this male: tail, tuft, broad head, excellent eye shape. His color is rich and pleasing. What a nice asset in a breeding line this fellow would be.


Second Place

Conan of Little Runners'

Owner: Nicole Andres, Schleswig Holstein, Germany

Light CP Agouti

Judges Comments:

There is no Americas standard for this color yet, but if one were written it would certainly be expected to include the nice contrast between top color and belly that you see on this male, along with the richly bi-colored whiskers and dark toenails. He throws in that incredible tufty, thick tail for free! His overall body type is good; even more heft would be welcome. Face is a bit long. I would have liked a pure profile shot of him, but we all know we don't always get what we want when photographing gerbils!


Third Place


Owner: Sina Bergmann, Vierhöfen, Germany

Dilute Nutmeg Male

Judges Comments:

What a fetching front view of this warmly colored gerbil. He makes a case for this as a very attractive color in its own right. His neck spot is a bit small and I'd love to see him beef up a bit; the dilutes tend to take their time achieving full bulk, and he is still only about 6 months old. His fur looks a bit parted in the side view and the bumpiness of the surface he's on makes it harder to assess the straightness of his tail. Also, the white tip is hardly visible as there is no contrast with the background. Overall a lovely young male of a very interesting variety.



Owner: Cindy Darcq

Lt. CP Agouti Female

Judges Comments:

This young lady has a nice feminine shape and a good tail. She appears to have only the lightest ticking in her front view; from the side, at this distance, it is really not visible. Taking her front shot more at her eye level and getting closer up with good lighting might bring out more distinctness in her coat and make her easier to evaluate. She is super cute peering up into the camera, though!