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AGS Virtual Show 2017
July 5-Sept. 5






Judges Donna Anastasi (AGS-NE)
Danielle Cromer (AGS-SE)
Pia Brix Østergaard (Denmark)
Amy Paben (AGS-NW)
Judges in Training Kaitlyn Cepeda
Anise Hetman
Registration Libby Hanna
Pet Class Judges Cynthia Kurtz, Maine, USA (head judge),
Lisa McCune Noll, Pennsylvania, USA,
Judith Block, New York, USA
Nada Orlic, Serbia
Bailey Thompson, Ontario, Canada
Web Team Danielle Cromer
Dana Halbert
Shereen Lehman
Libby Hanna

Breed Show Categories

  • Self: gerbils that are the same color above and below. Ex.: black, blue. Note that Silver Nutmeg and Nutmeg have moved to Other.
  • White Belly: gerbils with a white belly. Ex: agouti, dark-eyed honey.
  • Colorpoint: body and belly same color with darker points (nose, ears, tail, feet). Ex: siamese, burmese.
  • Spot: the classic white spot pattern: nose, head, nape, tail.
  • Pied: spotted plus a full white collar, often with some white on the back.
  • Mottled: spotted plus white on the body to produce a mottled or variegated appearance.
  • Other: certain other colors. Ex: honey cream, schimmel, silver point. Nutmeg and Silver Nutmeg now show under Other.
  • Pup: 6 weeks to 3 months at time of photo
  • Senior: 2½ years or older at time of photo
  • Unstandardized: any major difference (e.g., rex coat) or minor variation (e.g., sapphire) for which there is no official standard

This year's Breed Show contains a new class, the Contest of Champions. This is a class for living Champions (AGS or other societies') to compete against each other in a best-of-the-best competition.

Pet Class

Any photo of any gerbil or gerbil(s); to be judged on artistic merit and overall cuteness

  • Pups & Family Life: Let's face it, once you get gerbil pups involved, the cuteness is overwhelming. So in fairness, photographs of gerbil babies and their families have their own category.
  • Props: Pictures of gerbils with props, including photoshop images.
  • Sleeping: Because they are just so cute when they are asleep! Plus, a little easier to photograph.
  • Action: Gerbils on the move, wheel running, agility,etc.
  • Best Buddies: Gerbil friendship.
  • Other: Any photo that doesn't quite fall into the other categories.

This year's Pet Class also features two new classes:

  • Gallery: The gallery is for non-photo artwork, ie paintings, drawings, sculpture, etc. This category is not judged but instead just to share beautiful gerbil-themed artwork with an enthusiastic audience.
  • Care Videos: The new AGS web site is underway, and we are searching for high-quality videos about gerbil care, breeding, showing, traveling or other relevant topics. The "winners" will get to see their work displayed on the new AGS web site.

Based on entries received, judges may decide to combine categories or to create new ones, and to move entries as they deem appropriate.

A special note about show entries. As in previous years, entries in this year's Virtual Show will be considered for inclusion in our 2018 AGS Calendar. The calendar project is a fundraiser for the AGS. Your photo submission is a donation to this effort and no compensation will be provided to you if your photo is selected. Attribution of photos will be at the discretion of the AGS and will be dictated by the constraints of the design. Photos may be published without attribution. By submitting your photos, you relinquish all copyright and all claims to them. If you do not agree to these conditions, do not submit photos to this competition, please.

The exhibitor should submit only high-res originals or cropped images not reduced to less than 300 dpi. If you provide originals, the web team will prepare your photos to best display your gerbil's merits while retaining suitability for the calendar.

Selection of photos for the calendar is independent of the winners of any class in this competition.

If at any point you wish for your photo NOT to be considered for the calendar, please inform our registrar.


Required Photos:

Two clear, CURRENT photos will be needed of each entry.

  • Photos for the breed classes must have been taken between July 1 and July 28, 2017. Older photos may be disqualified, as the judges need to see current photos of your gerbils. There is no date restriction for submissions to the Pet Class.

Breed Class Photos

  • The first photo should be a good profile/side view showing your gerbils from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail. Approximate size 575 pixels by 250 pixels. If you don’t know how to resize your photo, send us the original, full-sized image, and we will resize it for you.
  • The second photo is a close-up of the face either straight on or 3/4 view. Approximate size 300 pixels by 300 pixels. If you don’t know how to resize your photo, send us the original, full-sized image, and we will resize it for you.
  • For marked classes (mottled, pied, and spotted) please submit a third photo of your gerbil taken from above. This photo gives the judges a more complete look at your gerbil's marking patterns.
  • There should be no water-marks, logos, symbols or identifying characteristics of any kind in your photo. Photos with identifying marks will be edited to remove them if possible. If impossible, photos will be rejected.

Other photo recommendations

For a detailed tutorial on Virtual Show photography, visit http://www.moonstonegerbils.com/show/vshowguide.html


Below are examples of the two poses.


Entry limits:

Breed Show

Members of the American Gerbil Society and Dansk Mus & Gerbil Society are limited to six entries.
Non-members are limited to two entries.

Pet Class

Members of the AGS and DMG may enter up to six entries. These entries do not reduce the number of breed show entries you may make. Non-members may submit two entries.

Ready for more fun? Join the AGS

To Submit Your Entry

Visit the Entry Form.



By submitting photos to this competition you agree that:

  • All photos become property of the AGS and may be used by the AGS in materials, publications, products for sale or for any purpose, with no attribution and no compensation provided to you;
  • The AGS can decline to include any photo in the Virtual Show for any reason;
  • Photos will be cropped, resized, or modified by the VS Team as they deem necessary for technical and aesthetic reasons. The decisions of the web team on how to prepare your photos are final.

Basic Standard:

The Basic Standard, by which all show gerbils are judged, is based upon the allocation of points for various features.

Body: 25 pts.;   Fur/color: 25 pts.;   Tail & Tuft: 15 pts.;  
Eyes: 5 pts.;   Ears: 5pts.
Temperament:  25 points (see note below)

General Appearance & Temperament
Body: Symmetry and general appearance of the body are decidedly solid and firm. Females should be streamlined and athletic in appearance. Males may have a larger, heftier body-type, but should not appear fat. There should be no signs of wounds or scars on the body. The gerbil should be in top health. The head is short and broad, and well set into the body. Teeth should not be overgrown or broken. Whiskers are long and full.

Fur: The coat is full, fine, soft, short, and has a smooth, healthy sheen without any greasy appearance. (Shows: adult gerbils shall not be molting.)

Tail & Tuft: The tail shall be held straight back for balance when the gerbil is in motion - free from kinks and ending with a brush like tuft. In an adult the tail shall be the same length as the body.

Eyes: The eyes shall be bright, widely set, and large but not bulging. They should have an almond shape and be symmetrical.

Ears: The ears shall be fairly small, not too rounded and carried erect.

Temperament: Gerbils shall be tame and friendly towards people, and show gentleness toward cage mates. They should exhibit a temperament that is curious, active, confident, even-tempered, exhibiting stability, playfulness, with an outgoing, loving disposition. Biting, nipping, and aggressive behavior shall be discouraged when breeding. Because temperament cannot be determined the same way in a Virtual Show as in a live show, judges will consider how the photograph captures the animal's nature and how the quality of the photo displays the animal's personality and beauty.

If you have any questions please email: virtualshow@agsgerbils.org




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