Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first issue of the AGS Newsletter. It has been an exciting year for the AGS. We are now officially the “American Gerbil Society Inc.” This gives us both national and international recognition.

Our membership has grown to 150 permanent active members, and 36 temporary members. With a good housecleaning inactive and disinterested members were removed from the AGS Registry. I would like to welcome our most recent members: Andrew, Laura, Sari, Laura S., Kristy, Kelly, Samantha, Lorraine, Brenda, and Stephanie.

The AGS Show Standards are now complete, and the Board is reviewing them. They will be made available to the general membership by December 1, 2001. With the completion of the AGS Show Standards, including points and penalties, we will be prepared to start AGS Sanctioned Shows in 2002. We will be in need of Regional Coordinators to help plan and organize local shows.

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed articles for this issue. Keep them coming. If you have a child that has created a gerbil story, poem, and drawing send it in. A children’s section would be great!

If you are not currently on the AGS e-group, and would like to join send me an email. If you do not want to receive the daily emails you can receive only special/important announcements from the AGS Board. This is the only way you will stay informed of AGS shows, activities, and votes. I hope you each get as much enjoyment out of reading the stories and articles as I have. They are great.

Janet Morrow
American Gerbil Society Inc.

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