Dear Members:

Welcome to the second issue of the AGS Newsletter. The American Gerbil Society Inc. Show Standards have been complete, and we have are preparing for our first show. We look forward from hearing more from Donna Anastasi, Committee Chairperson, with more details of the New England show.

To help us all learn the standards better we will be holding a Virtual show. This is a great opportunity for us to become familiar with the standards while having a ton of fun. Jocelyn Kessinger is the Show Secretary/Committee Chairperson. She and her committee will be working to organize and run the show.

Our membership continues to grow with 181 members in 37 states, and 5 different countries. We would like to welcome our newest members: Jenn M., Terry, Becky, David, Jenn DS, Sophia, Elizabeth, Patricia, Victoria, Kristina, Lanny, Chris, Sarah, Teresa, Doug, Deanna, DeeAnne, Camille, Alexandra, Katelyn, Dani, Russel, Michael, and Dana.

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed articles for this issue. Keep them coming. If you have a created a gerbil story, poem, and drawing send it in.

If you are not currently on the AGS e-group, and would like to join send me an email. If you do not want to receive the daily emails you can receive only special/important announcements from the AGS Board. This is the only way you will stay informed of AGS shows, activities, and votes.

Janet Morrow
American Gerbil Society Inc.

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