Dear Members:

Welcome to the fourth issue of the AGS Newsletter. Our membership continues to grow with 200 members in 37 states, and 5 different countries. We would like to welcome our newest members: Deanna, Beverly, Pamela, Chancy, Gary & Sue, Ruth, Carrie, Warren, Eduardo, Katey, David Chris, April, Kylee, Michele, Tracy, Barbara, Jessi, Renee, and Dana. The AGS currently has 2500+ gerbils registered.

There will be two AGS Sanctioned Shows in 2003. The second annual North East Show will be held in Nashua, NH on Saturday June 28th. Make sure you mark June 27 and 28 on your calendars. Donna Anastasi is organizing the show again this year. Last years show was a great success! Not only did we give out the first points towards Championship status, but it was a great opportunity for AGS members to get to know each other better. We expect an even larger show this year. Donna will be posting details on the AGS eMail list, so watch for her posts. NE Show Map.

The Kentucky – Bluegrass show will be held in Lexington, KY on Saturday October 11th. Add this to your calendars now, so you keep the weekend open. Jo Kelly will be the show coordinator.

The Board used several things to determine the location of this show. First we looked at the membership map and found the general areas that would have enough members within a six to eight hour radius to support a show. Second we needed a long time active member to coordinate the show.

Jo’s experience at the NE Show and her long commitment to the AGS made her a logical choice. She also plans on attending this years NE Show, which would have her participating in two shows before October. When we looked at the map we were please to find thirty members within six hours and over sixty-five members within an eight-hour drive. Kentucky – Bluegrass Map

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed articles for this issue. Keep them coming. If you have a creative a gerbil story, poem, and drawing send it in.

Following the posts on the AGS list for the past year the Executive Board has become concerned with the number of unexplained illnesses and deaths that have been reported. With this in mind the Board has asked Donna Anastasi, ABC Gerbils, to contribute an article on “Breeding Gerbils.” Respected for her years of experience in gerbil husbandry Donna has written an insightful article that will benefit both beginner and experienced breeders.

The AGS is now accepting credit cards payments for membership and renewal. If you are not a member of the AGS you may join If you are due to renew your membership do it here:

If you are not currently on the AGS e-group, and would like to join send me an email. (For information about the AGS mailing list, visit <ahref=”.. ..=”” lists.php”=””> If you do not want to receive the daily emails you can receive only special/important announcements from the AGS Board. This is the only way you will stay informed of AGS shows, activities, and votes.</ahref=”..>

Janet Morrow
American Gerbil Society Inc.

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