Dear AGS Members,

On August 24th,  the AGS Executive Board approved a four month sabbatical for the President, Janet Morrow. This comes after a long year of trying to finalize the adoption of two children from Sierra Leone. With the increased emotional stress and time needed to concentrate on these two children, Janet needed relief from her AGS responsibilities. Her sabbatical begins on September 1, 2005 and runs through December 31, 2005.

Donna Anastasi will be Acting President and all inquiries should now be directed to her instead of Janet. Ruth Divine becomes Acting Vice President and will continue in her role as Secretary/Treasurer.

The Executive Board has exercised its right to fill vacancies on the Board by appointing three new members. These three have been very active AGS members over the years, and each was already filling important AGS roles, such as newsletter editor, Ethics Committee member, and show coordinator. They have proven to be mature, responsible and reliable. Please welcome Amy Paben,  Jo Kelley and Libby Hanna as they join the AGS Board for the period of one year. At the end of this year, a general election by the AGS membership will be held for these three positions, at which time they may be reelected.

On September 1, a meeting of the new board was held by conference call. Many duties are in the process of being reassigned and we will let everyone know soon of who is taking care of what. We are looking to maintain the level of AGS services now available and also look forward toward new growth in the future.  New ideas and cabable members willing to take on new projects are always welcome. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact one of the above Board members.


Donna Anastasi and Ruth Divine

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