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In April, the AGS was alerted to a rescue taking place in Poughkeepsie, New York. The primary rescuer is Deana Tambascio Matero of My Hopes In You Small Animal Rescue, Inc. Deana has been doing rescue for almost a decade now and thankfully we have her expertise on the front lines. However, she will be taking on a HUGE rescue, 61 gerbils and counting and MANY likely pregnancies. She’s gathering photos and info now but we are already mobilizing for support. 

An elderly lady in her 70’s went to the pet store two years ago and got “two girls”. The store was only half right, with the obvious consequences. She was able to somewhat keep up with things by sorting as best she could and she’s kept them successfully in fairly large groups. However, she has had some trouble differentiating their genders, so things have just gone on and on. Now she is unable to care for them all any more, as they are just too many animals for her to manage at her age.

In spite of the fact that every single female gerbil was in a tank with a male, there have been relatively few births, and some of the pups have not been viable. However, two successful pregnancies with Danielle in New Jersey resulted in the successful adoption of all the gerbils. There are still groups waiting for adoption in Litchfield, CT and Bath, Maine. Deana was also able to fan the gerbils out among other rescues. Check petfinder.org and you’ll likely see some of them.

If you have any interest in the rescues in CT or ME, get in touch with us via the Adoption Inquiry Form.

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Located in the Mid Hudson Valley, New York helping small animals from teenie Fancy Mice to Flemish Giant Rabbits,  find FUREVER homes where they will be spoiled with love.

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