Virtual Show 2018 – Unstandardized: DPP

Dark Patch Pied: DPP is characterized by patches of darker fur over the rest of the coat pattern. These patches may vary in size and shape, but should be the gerbil’s base color. The AGS is still developing a standard for this coat pattern.

Judge: Donna Anastasi, Marshfield, MA

1st Place


Male, DPP Mottled Black, 4/25/16

Owned by Jennifer Berg, Twistringen, Germany

Large strong well-built male with multiple large patches, including head, back, and side! He strong, even roaning makes the patches really pop. Ideally the roan would continue through the tail.

Best Opposite Sex

Nelli von Braveheart

Female, DPP Mottled Black, 1/14/18

Owned by Annika Dietz, Cadolzburg, Germany

She is a large, muscular female, would not want to see her get any bigger. Has a nice patch on her face and another on her back. Would like to see a more straight on side view to see her face profile better.

2nd Place


Male, DPP Mottled Black, 5/9/16

Owned by Jennifer Berg, Twistringen, Germany

Wow. His roaning is exceptional and then there is the patched on top. I love that the roan continues on the tail, which is not always the case. The size and placement of the patch on the back is attractive. He still has a nice build, but is starting to show his age, e.g., eyes not fully open. Beautiful thick tail and tuft.

3rd Place

DaVinci von den Sporch Rennern

Male, DPP Mottled Blue, 1/16/18

Owned by Annika Dietz, Cadolzburg, Germany

What a stunning gerbil. Huge male with soft looking plush fur. The dark patches on the rump and tail are striking compared to the almost white body. Would like to see more of the base color on the body. An animal tending to white is a fault in a roan gerbil.

Universe of Wild Dreams

Male, DPP Pied Black, 3/25/18

Owned by Melanie Speck, Magdeburg, Germany

This male is still small, and needs to mature to be competitive. He has great tail and such long hairs on his tail tuft. His tail is roan, but roan is not seen in the body and the neck spotting is between classic spot and pies. He looks soft and sweet.

Molag bal du Mérione Merveilleux

Male, DPP Blue Roan, 3/14/18

Owned by Fanny Van Rysselberghe, Etauliers, France

It may be the yellow back ground but the coloring here looks like it is tending to brown. Nice body shape and beautiful tail tuft. Could use more maturity/bulk. Head appears narrow. Can see a small patch on the back. His patches are not as prominent as some of the others in the class.

Quentin von den Sporch-Rennern

Male, DPP Dilute Agouti, 4/30/18

Owned by Annika Dietz, Cadolzburg, Germany

Judged as dilute agouti roan patched. Petite male with a nice body type, build, head and tail. Though he is roan he still maintains colors in the body, which is pretty (and according to the roan standard). I would like to see patches that are more distinct. Would like to see a side pose.


Female, DPP Ticked Blue, 9/2/17

Owned by Annika Dietz, Cadolzburg, Germany

Nice body type and roan pattern, though I would like to see more of the white hairs throughout the tail. It is hard to see the patches here. Almost look like a molt. Her blue coloring is tending to brown. Muscular build, thick tail, good tuft

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