Virtual Show 2018 – Contest of Champions

Champions: These gerbils have already earned their champion certificate by competing in live shows, but they’ve still got it! They get to come out of retirement and compete against one another for fun in this new class.

Judge: KJ Johnson, Milford, MA

1st Place

HHG’s Peanut Butter

Male, Spot Argente, 4/8/16

Owned by Diane Nott, Elyria, OH

Big handsome male who is still holding onto his prime. Great spotting pattern. His eyes are a bit round, and that may be due to pink eyed gerbils having relatively narrow eyes, that his big rounder eyes just seem bigger than normal. His color is great. One thing though, when taking photos of gerbils you should really try to have a single color in the background. Also, I’m not going to lie, I am a little amused that he needs a sandbath, and I can see his dust right there.

Best Opposite Sex

Sable Moon

Female, Burmese, 12/5/16

Owned by Shereen Lehman, Bridgeport, CT

Great burmese color, rich dark points and her mask rises above her eyes. No white that I can see. A great tail. She’s still flashy. When photographing gerbils, it’s best to choose photos with a plain background. If her head wasn’t lost in the coach seat I’d be able to see the strength of her points much easier. Great gerbil

2nd Place

JJG’s Clyde

Male, Siamese, 3/22/17

Owned by Catherine Cannon, Ruther Glen, VA

Big guy, with exceptionally dark points on his face. His feet are lost in the shadows. His tail seems long and straight, with a nice tuft, which would be easier to see if he was turned a little more perpendicular to the camera.

3rd Place


Female, Dark Tailed White, 12/5/16

Owned by Shereen Lehman, Bridgeport, CT

She is a good dark tailed white. She even has some color on her feet. As with many gerbils in this class she could use a sandbath. Great feminine shape, though she is tending towards pearish.

Honorable Mention

Jimmy John

Male, Siamese, 12/5/16

Owned by Shereen Lehman, Bridgeport, CT

He seems kinda dark for a Siamese. Nice long tail, though its not pin straight. Great build. Large eyes. His topline is smooth, and sleek. I bet he’d still do very well on a live table. He like many others in this class could use a sandbath.

HHG’s Connor

Male, Lilac, 4/1/15

Owned by Diane Nott, Elyria, OH

For 3 years and something odd months this old timer is doing okay. You can see his former glory lurking in his wide head. His tail is long and straight. His color is also very good and has not lost much to age.

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