Virtual Show 2018 – Pied

Pied: These gerbils should have a thick, solid white collar that meets their white belly. Should also have a prominent nose, head, and tail spots. White markings anywhere else should be minimal

Judge: Libby Hanna, Clermont, FL

1st Place

DC’s JJG Harry’s Potter

Male, Pied Black, 4/7/18

Owned by Jennifer Bell, Springfield, MA

The first thing you notice about this young male is that wow! crazy tuft on a nice long, straight tail. He’s still building up to his full size, but that big wide head suggests he will get there. He’s got a lovely wide collar and pretty facial markings & whiskers. Nice glossy black coat but he’s got quite a lot of white in his back and tail. I can’t wait to see where this young fellow goes; he’s got some very strong elements to compete on.

2nd Place

Utopia of Wild Dreams

Female, Pied Agouti, 3/25/18

Owned by Melanie Speck, Magdeburg, Germany

Nice bold agouti coloring. Markings are on the small side for a pied :separate nose & head spots, small-ish tail spot for a pied, narrow collar on sides. She has a strong female body type – but don’t let her get any bigger. Very much appreciate seeing a true almond eye. Nice straight tail, well proportioned.

3rd Place

PJ Cahill

Male, Siamese, 1/22/18

Owned by Chloe Cahill, Kansas City, MO

This young male has nice siamese color overall, with good strong ear points. Unfortunately none of the three shots show his full tail. His face markings are on the small side and he doesn’t have a particularly wide collar, so I’d really love to be able to see his tail spot to see where on the spot-pied-mottled continuum he really falls. I also can’t see his tuft, which is an important element for a show. His coat looks greasy in the side view; don’t forget that dust bath which is essential for all shows, even Virtual.

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