Virtual Show 2018 – Spot

Spot: Gerbil should have a round spot between its shoulder blades that does not connect to its belly. Should also have a prominent tail, head, and nose spot.

Judge: Donna Anastasi, Marshfield, MA

1st Place

Best In Show

Löw des Gerbilles d’Amour

Male, Spot Agouti, 9 months

Owned by Melanie L’huillier, Voujeaucourt, France

What a large handsome male with soft, thick fur and an impressive tail and tuft. I love the spotting on the tail and head. The neck spot is large, but a bit messy. Beautiful golden brown coloring with even black ticking. He has the required longer black hairs beginning mid way on the ridge of the tail. Has a clear line of demarcation with a gold line separating body from brilliant white, clean belly. Attractive face and head set and fanning whiskers. Would like to have seen a picture with the tail held straight.

Best Opposite Sex

Maja von den Sporch-Rennern

Female, Spot Dilute Agouti, 3/4/18

Owned by Annika Dietz, Cadolzburg, Germany

I am judging her as a dilute agouti. This gerbil has a nice muscular build (but should not get any heavier) and beautiful almond eye shape. Straight, strong tail with a decent tuft. A pleasing golden fawn coloring, ideally would be a bit more vibrant. And I would like to see more ticking. Clean white belly. Beautiful spotting though ideally the head spot would not run into the neck spot. 

2nd Place

JJG Elyse

Female, Spot Nutmeg, 3/21/18

Owned by Catherine Cannon, Ruther Glen, VA

This little girl has rich nutmeg coloring and strong even ticking. There is not a molt line in sight! Often coloring will get faded on an nutmeg with spotting, but that is not the case here. She has all the right spots in all the right places: nose, head, neck, tail, feet, with a nice sized next spot. She is still young and does not yet have a mature female build. Would like to see more tuft on the tail and a more almond shaped (less rounded) eye. In her front shot she looks animated and alert. Beautiful fanning whiskers.

3rd Place

RC’s Alex

Male, Spot Black, 10/12/16

Owned by Sarah Skutt, San Antonio, TX

Attractive male with a great build and body shape. He has a good spotting pattern, but the neck spot has white hairs extending below the spot down the neck and to the side. It is hard to tell what is from the flash, but he appears to have stray white hairs in the tail and perhaps in the body as well. Nice tail spot and attractive tuft. I love how his side pic looks mellow and his front pic animated. Seems like a sweet man.

HH Eye of the Storm

Male, Spot Burmese, 12/15/17

Owned by Cynthia Kurtz, Washington, DC

A large male, perhaps just a bit on the heavy side. He has a huge dark mask and a beautiful almond eye. Has all the required spots including a nice, large well shaped neck spot. Would like to see more tuft. There are a number of stray white hairs in the tail which is not desirable on a classic spot gerbil. He looks soft and clean.

Pip Cahill

Male, 1/22/18

Owned by Chloe Cahill, Kansas City, MO

The body size, coloring, and (long) tail to body ratio indicates that this is a young, immature male. He does not have the size of other males in the class. He has some ticking, but not the strong even ticking that is required. This might be due to the spotting which can fade ticking or he might be a Light Colorpoint Nutmeg. Also the fur has a peachy tone, not the white of a CPN – could he be silver nutmeg (which is peach colored prior to molt?) He looks to have a good spotting pattern.

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