Virtual Show 2018 – Senior

Senior: Gerbils of all colors that are over 2.5 years of age

Judge: Danielle Cromer, Gainesville, FL

1st Place


Male, Black, 9/3/14

Owned by Chantel Samson, Northamptonshire, UK

For being nearly 4 years old, this boy has retained a good amount of his male bulk. Fur looks sleek and soft, with subtle hints of graying and white flecks creeping in with age. Tail is still thick and straight with a fair tuft, though there’s bit of hair loss near the base. His head is a nice shape, but his eyes are slightly round and ears held back. He does have some stray white on chin and paws, as well as some white whiskers. Overall, this gentleman has held up quite well through the years.

2nd Place

HHG’s ABC’s Perda’s Arrow

Female, Mottled Black, 7/1/15

Owned by Diane Nott, Elyria, OH

This pretty mottled girl is showing her age. She no longer has the streamlined female build; her current pear-shaped weight distribution may indicate ovarian cysts. Her tail is still thick and straight, with a decent tuft. Head is good, with almond eyes and a nice fan of mixed black and white whiskers. Her fur is puffed out in some poses but sleek in the other, so that’s likely more a result of being hunched over protecting her treats!

3rd Place

My Little Princess

Female, Dove, 1/30/16

Owned by Shereen Lehman, Bridgeport, CT

This girl is significantly darker than called for in the Dove standard, really more of that Sapphire middle ground. She’s gotten pudgy in her old age, as most females do. You can’t really make out her tail or tuft against the background, but it appears short– or curved toward the camera. Her coat is in need of a sand-bath, but her eyes are bright and clear. The eyes have a good almond shape, set in a nice short head.

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