Virtual Show 2018 – Unstandardized: AOV

Unstandardized and Provisional: New color and coat variations that do not yet have a published standard compete here to help establish the guidelines for future judging. The AOV sub-class is for all unstandardized colors that are not DPP.

Judge: Donna Anastasi

1st Place

J’zargo of LennyLengo

Male, Blue Ticked Roan, 12/5/17

Owned by Fanny Van Rysselberghe, Etauliers, France

He has a large, strong male build. Stunning gerbil. Beautiful pewter coloring flecked with the white roaning. Strong, straight well furred tail Some white on his paws and chin.

Best Opposite Sex

Toccata SStar

Female, Black Roan, 4/1/16

Owned by Danielle Cromer, Gainesville, FL

Her roaning pattern is spectacular. She has the lighter black (gray) appearance a such evenly dispersed white hairs throughout. She is a somewhat older gerbil and starting to show her age, with a loss of muscle mass and a bit of dip in the neck. Her classic spot pattern is very nice and looks attractive with the roan.

2nd Place

SStar’s Marzipan

Male, Roan Dark-Eyed Honey, 5/20/18

Owned by Danielle Cromer, Gainesville, FL

A roan gerbil will have a lighter fur color and thickly interspersed white hair. This dark eyed honey meets both requirements. DEH is a deep orange-gold and he is a light orange color. He is young (under 3 months), and is being judged as a pup. He is in the middle of a molt. From the part of the head that has molted he looks to be retaining the signature DEH ticking.

3rd Place

Tinkerbell of Wild Dreams

Female, Roan/Ticked Blue, 3/13/18

Owned by Melanie Speck, Magdeburg, Germany

This appears to be a roan blue female. She has very nice build, body and head. The roan on her body is very, very nice, thickly interspersed with white hairs. However on the nose and tail there is no roaning, which is giving her a kind of color point appearance. And while pretty, areas on the gerbil without the roan pattern is a fault. She also has some white down the chest and on the paws. Love her poses!

Honorable Mention

Colourpoint Runners Perseus

Male, Spot Roan Agouti, 1/8/17

Owned by Julia Zahn, Berlin, Germany

This is a beautiful gerbil. Great body type, strong build. Nice thick fur and good tail and tuft. His spotting pattern could be better: falls between classic spot and pied. He has wonderful roan on his body, however it does not extend to the tail, which looks in the top photo more like a regular (non-roan) agouti tail.

Parcival of Wild Dreams

Male, Mottled Dilute Colorpoint Slate, 1/28/18

Owned by Melanie Speck, Magdeburg, Germany

Even though he is entered as a CP Slate I am judging him as an agouti, because that is what he looks like in his pictures. He has a wonderful body type and build. Lovely head and eye. The roan in his face, rump and tail is very nice. But there is too much white on the body – a fault in roan is a predominately white animal.

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