Virtual Show 2018 – White Belly

White Belly: Just as the name would suggest, these gerbils have a white belly against an otherwise solid colored coat. Examples include agouti, argente, and dark eyed honey

Judge: Libby Hanna, Clermont, FL

Agouti: The wild-type color of gerbils, consisting of a dark brown coat with black ticking

1st Place


Male, Agouti, 5/27/17

Annika Dietz, Cadolzburg, Germany

Wow, impressive, very bulky male & well photographed too. He has a rich golden coat and heavy ticking which makes a bold contrast with his white belly. Very dark toenails, nice whisker fan, wonderfully thick straight tail with very good tuft. Great head, eye and ear shape complete the picture. Plus, he looks so sweet in that face-first shot! About the only criticism I can offer is that he appears to have some staining in his bib area. Gorgeous boy.

2nd Place

HH Cosmic Brownie

Male, Agouti, 12/15/17

Owned by Cynthia Kurtz, Washington, DC

A solid male and not overly large. Nice long, straight tail. Nice even, dark ticking and dark nails. Cute little ears. Head could be a bit broader but is well set.

3rd Place

Stadtmaus D’Artagnan

Male, Agouti, 2/18/18

Owned by Julia Zahn, Berlin, Germany

Good male bulk without being too fat. His ticking and toenails are light for an agouti, especially in the side shot. Excellent eye shape. Beautiful straight, well-proportioned tail with very nice tuft.

ABC Falcon

Male, Agouti, 2/1/17

Owned by Donna Anastasi, Marshfield, MA

This male has good size without being too fat. His coat is glossy but he has some molt happening and the side shot is a bit washed out and fuzzy, detracting from his ticking and line of demarcation. His tail has good thickness, maybe some unevenness. Good eye shape. Head is a bit long and narrow.

Colourpoint Runners Prometheus

Male, Agouti, 1/8/17

Owned by Julia Zahn, Berlin, Germany

I love the dark ticking on this gerbil and his thick, straight, tufty tail. However he’s got a hunchy topline and needs more bulk to be competitive in show. His color is quite nice, so see if you can bulk him up & bring him back.

AOC: all other colors that fall into the White Belly category

1st Place

MS Tsunami

Female, Polar Fox, 10/29/17

Owned by KJ Johnson, Milford, MA

Shown by Danielle Cromer, Gainesville, FL

Nice topline on this well-built female. I like the creaminess of her undercoat although I would love a shade darker ticking and toenails. With only one view of her tail, I wish it didn’t have that upturn at the tip. But it’s a good length, apparently free from other kinks, with a modest tuft. Nice smooth coat with even ticking and mainly free of molt lines. That front shot makes me melt, so cute.

2nd Place

HHG’s Polly Puff Ball

Female, Yellow Fox, 12/17/17

Owned by Diane Nott, Elyria, OH

Although the photo colors seem somewhat off, she appears to have good yellow fox color and a nice bright ruby eye. Her tail is thick and well-proportioned aside from the slight upturn at the end, which may be more of a carriage issue. The side view shot shows a good feminine body type although the topline is more peaked than I would like. Front views taken when gerbils are eating unfortunately make them look hunchy, and this one does. Her head looks a bit long and narrow but is well set. Overall a very nice looking gerbil.

3rd Place

Female, Gray Agouti, 12/1/17

Owned by Annika Dietz, Cadolzburg, Germany

Very nice gray agouti coloring with a nice clean line of demarcation. Tail is very thick, straight and well-proportioned. However, this girl has a large, masculine body type. It would be wonderful to see her leaner; she could be very competitive.

SStar’s Talca

Female, Dark Eyed Honey, 4/15/18

Owned by Danielle Cromer, Gainesville, FL

This is a darkly ticked DEH but she lacks the golden color that the standard describes and which makes this such a stunning color. I’d also prefer a higher, more uneven line of demarcation. She has a nice feminine body type. Tail is very straight and has an excellent golden tuft.


Male, Argente, 11/24/17

Owned by Catherine Cannon, Ruther Glen, VA

This boy was determined to hide from me two things that I would really like to see: his tail tip, and his bulk, which would require a side view of him not all stretched out flat. Judging from his front shot, it looks like his male size is adequate; in the side view he looks rather lean still. His color is somewhat muted.

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