Virtual Show 2018 – Pup

Pups of all colors aged 6 weeks to 3 months

Judge: Anise Hetman, Potsdam, NY

Younger Pups

1st Place

Hermine Fellnase vom Pfälzerwald

Female, Cream, 5/23/18

Owned by Anke Knerr, Neunkirchen, Germany

Lovely female! This girl is well built and surprisingly mature for her age. She is nicely put together, with a broad head set firmly on a well-developed body. I love the thick fan of whiskers! Her cream-colored fur is consistent throughout, and her clean coat shines through in this photo. This gerbil is a natural poser, and she is destined for success. Keep showing!

2nd Place

Havanna vom Pfälzerwald

Female, Pied Nutmeg, 5/23/18

Owned by Larissa Sawatzky, Pirmasens, Germany

Cute pied nutmeg female. Although smaller than some of her competitors, her body is proportionate to her size. Although her collar is a bit broken, her markings are well defined and attractive. Nice to see such a thick tail! Her coat is clean, and she looks well prepared. It will be interesting to see how her body develops and her coat molts. Very pretty girl, I look forward to seeing her in future shows!

3rd Place


Female, Black, 6/26/18

Owned by Elise Landry, Prattsburgh, NY

This little black pup is chock-full of pup cuteness. She is still small, but her features are attractive. Nice head set. Alert, almond-shaped eyes. Full whiskers. A bristling tuft. Very little white on paws. There appears to be a few lighter-colored hairs in the coat, although this could be caused by the camera (we all know how difficult black gerbils are to photograph!). Very promising!

Honorable Mention

Dahlja vom Clan of Sonora

Female, Silver Nutmeg, 7/6/18

Owned by Anke Knerr, Neunkirchen, Germany

Pretty silver nutmeg girl. Although her body is still developing, I am impressed with her size and see potential. She has a slight neck dip, and her head is elongated. However, I like her eye shape and she has a very fine tail tuft. Some white on paws. Her coat is of a lighter shade, but I can tell she is still molting and will likely darken with age. 

Helena vom Pfälzerwald

Female, Mottled Nutmeg, 5/23/18

Owned by Larissa Sawatzky, Pirmasens,Germany

This pup is a bit of a tweener; a spotted gerbil with mottling on the back. It’s a very unique pattern, just not standard. Nice eye shape on this girl. She poses nicely and looks curious and confident. Very cute. 

Older Pups

1st Place

ABC’s Autumn Mist

Female, Nutmeg, 5/6/18

Owned by Donna Anastasi, Marshfield, MA

This girl is absolutely stunning! She’s got the whole package from nose to tail. Great headset, with pleasing facial features. The long, straight tail is well connected to the body and ends in a glorious paintbrush tuft. I love the dark, even ticking which gives her fur that coveted oily-dark appearance. This gerbil shows great potential, and shines with standard-book excellence. Keep on showing, this girl has a promising future in sight. 

2nd Place

Viktoria of Wild Dreams

Female, Mottled Black, 4/11/18

Owned by Melanie Speck, Magdeburg, Germany

Very pretty female. I love her heavily-mottled appearance. Her coat consists of evenly distributed white hairs that blend together seamlessly with the pigmented fur. The fur surrounding her eyes resembles Egyptian-esque eyeliner, nicely complimenting her almond-shaped eyes. Tail is straight, although I would like to see more of a tuft. Whiskers fan out over her face, framing her attractive profile. 


3rd Place

SStar’s Chaffinch II

Male, Nutmeg, 5/15/18

Owned by Danielle Cromer, Gainesville, FL

This male, though caught mid-molt, shows lots of potential for a future of greatness. Ticking is coming in very strong, and his head is oily black in appearance (hoping this spreads to the rest of his body!). His head-shape is a bit ratty, but he will likely fill out with age. Nice eye shape. Good long tail (although the tail-set is a bit narrow, he has a decent tuft to make up for that). Keep an eye on this guy as he bulks up and continues to develop. He has a promising career ahead of him!

Honorable Mention

JJG Harold ABC

Male, Burmese, 4/28/18

Owned by Catherine Cannon, Ruther Glen, VA

This Burmese pup is absolutely adorable. Although small in size, he stuns with his astonishing coat color and points, which are remarkably dark for such a young pup. I love the head-set and shape, as well as the incredible topline (he already has some shoulder bulk!). There is some white on his paws, but this is a common fault among colorpoint and self gerbils. A dark mask shades over his face, and his other points (feet, ears, tail) are quite dark too. Lots of potential for this little Burmese boy. I’d love to see him as he develops into adulthood. 

Daisy “Leia” vom Clan of Sonora

Silver Nutmeg

Owned by Lisa Ackermann, Blieskastel, Germany

This gerbil was a mysterious participant in the Virtual Show. He/she was entered with no information provided. We have identified him/her as a Silver Nutmeg, but gender is unknown. Undergoing some heavy molts, the color is developing well. The profile shows a colorpoint-esque mask, which shades over the head. Head is elongated in shape, and there is a neck dip. Hopefully the frame will fill-out with age. The feet are dark in appearance, with few white hairs present. I’d like to see how this gerbil turns out post-molt, and how he/she matures. Keep showing!

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