Virtual Show 2018 – Self

Self: Gerbils whose coloring is consistent from their body to their belly. Examples include black, slate, red fox 

Judge: Libby Hanna, Clermont, FL

1st Place

HH Renegade

Female, Black, 2/12/18

Owned by Cynthia Kurtz, Washington, DC

Wow, this is a stunning, glossy black female with very little white. She has a nice deep jowl and while her topline isn’t totally straight, she’s got great proportions and a strong female type. Nice tail straightness and thickness. She has a slightly round eye and could have more tuft, but these are small things compared to her overall beauty.

Best Opposite Sex


Male, Lilac, 9/3/17

Owned by Judith H. Block, Bronx, NY

This is a nice big male with what looks like a nice tail tuft. His side shot which is less affected by the flash-washout looks like he has a good lilac color, although he does have a pretty large white bib. He may be molting or it could be the flash. His eye shape looks good (although the side shot’s not straight on) and he has nice ears, a good head shape and a pretty whisker fan. The backdrop for this gerbil is distracting and unflattering. Consider removing him from his habitat and getting the photos on a neutral surface under strong lighting and shoot without a flash. Take lots of photos until you get a really good side shot. The straight-ahead shot is great, perhaps he’s a poser!

2nd Place

Unica of Wild Dreams

Female, Black, 12/5/17

Owned by Melanie Speck, Magdeburg, Germany

This girl has a lovely, glossy black coat and a wonderfully straight, thick tail. Unfortunately she’s been hogging the sunflower seeds and presents more of a male than female body type. She has a white stripe and some on her lips but nearly none on her paws. Eye is a tad round, good ears and whiskers. Head shape and set are good. It can be hard to get weight off a gerbil but if you can slim her down, she should show very well. New wheel? Bigger tank? If you have plans to breed her, do it soon – that large body type can also be an indicator of low fertility.

3rd Place

Kalimero of Wild Dreams

Male, Blue, 11/27/17

Owned by Julia Zahn, Berlin, Germany

The owner didn’t specify a color for this gerbil. I am judging him as a Blue, partly because I see some of that characteristic rust-colored fur near his bottom and on back feet. On the wide spectrum of blue hues, he appears to be one of the more ticked ones, which is very pretty but non standard. He also may have some molting going on. In spite of his somewhat tricky color, I love his thick, straight tail and excellent male bulk. He has a white stripe and a bit of white on his paws but there’s a lot to like about this male.

Honorable Mention

JJG Vincent

Male, Black, 2/26/18

Owned by Catherine Cannon, Ruther Glen, VA

This young male has a nice tail tuft and very little white. He does not have sufficient male bulk yet, but his head shape suggests he may get there. Be generous with his food! His coat is dusty and doesn’t have a sheen to it; a dust-bath before the shoot may help (or maybe that’s why he’s dusty!) and a richer diet might also help with coat glossiness. A really glossy coat really takes a low-white black gerbil far. This little guy will be happy to know the judge prescribes more sunflower and pumpkin seeds for him.

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