Virtual Show 2018 – Colorpoint

Colorpoint: These gerbils are solid colored with darker points on their face, feet, and tails

Judge: Anise Hetman, Potsdam, NY

1st Place

ABC’s Aspen

Male, Siamese, 1/17/18

Owned by Donna Anastasi, Marshfield, MA

Absolutely stunning male. I love the hefty body type. Although he is reaching the larger side of the spectrum (as can be seen in his profile shot), he carries it well. His head is short and broad, and well set. Eyes are a bit round. Nice dark tail and sepia-toned nose, feet and ear points. The coat is a pleasing shade of beige, consistently fading to a lighter belly. An excellent representation of the standard, this male proves to be competitive and very promising. 

Best Opposite Sex

Daenerys vom Pfälzewald

Female, CP Slate, 1/4/18

Owned by Larissa Sawatzky, Pirmasens,Germany

This gerbil is a real beauty. Her smooth, even coat has a metallic shine, blending nicely into her dark points. Nice build, good headset, and pleasing facial features. I love the thick, well-set tail. She does have some white on front paws and lips. She is well put together and has an elegant poise. A promising show career lies in store for this girl. 

2nd Place

HH Jameson

Male, CP Agouti, 12/15/17

Owned by Cynthia Kurtz, Washington, DC

Handsome male. This guy has some good bulk coming in and will continue to grow as he ages. Although he has a few molt lines, his ticking is quite even. Nice dark toenails! Tail not completely straight, but I like the dark ridge of ticked fur. Well put together body, with a nice overall flow and symmetry. As he ages and bulks, he will become even more contestable. Keep showing!

3rd Place

SStar’s Sforzando

Male, Burmese, 2/14/18

Owned by Danielle Cromer, Gainesville, FL

Although still young, this male shows promise and is visually pleasing. Great headset and eye shape. Overall build is good, but he will need to bulk up some more. Very well posed. Some white on front paws and chin, otherwise points are good. Nice chocolate color. The groundwork is there, and I see lots of potential. With some time to mature, this gerbil has a fruitful show career in store. 

HHG HH Shenanigan

Female, Dark Tailed White, 1/13/18

Owned by Diane Nott, Elyria, OH

Pretty female. Although the grainy photos don’t do her justice, her positive traits shine through. The body has a pleasing flow, and she is maturing nicely. Her coat is clean and white, although she could use a sand bath to help reduce clumping. The tail looks bi-colored. Not sure if this is a molt, a tail patch, or just a lighting issue. Potential is there, and improved photography techniques and show prep will help her immensely in such a competitive class. Keep showing. 

Jasper-Keks of Waterfield

Male, Burmese, 9/4/17

Owned by Rumiko Küllsen, Jevenstedt, Germany

Nice Burmese male. It was difficult to assess him due to his posture/positioning. He appears to have a neck dip and hunch back, with most of his bulk on his lower back (could use more shoulder/upper body bulk). The profile and side shots look very different: profile showing a chocolaty rich coat coloring, while the side shot gives the coat a diluted look. White on paws and chin. Points are otherwise decent. Nice thick tail. This male does have potential, and there is room for improvement. Posing him differently and changing the camera angle would do him wonders. Also, providing an exercise wheel and boosting his diet may help with upper-body bulk. I look forward to seeing more of this gerbil in shows down the road. 

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