The AGS recognizes the need for an international conformity of standards in identifying gerbil colors and other characteristics for registration and for exhibition purposes. Towards this end, certain of the AGS standards will mirror those standards that are already widely recognized and accepted by some of our sister societies, including but not limited to the National Gerbil Society & Swedish Gerbil Association.

The AGS, as an issuing authority of gerbil standards in its own right, will regularly review its existing standards, modify them when deemed necessary and add additional standards as the need arises.

Basic Standard:

The Basic Standard, by which all show gerbils are judged, is based upon the allocation of points for various features.

Body – 25 pts.; Fur/color – 25 pts.; Temperament – 25 pts.; Tail & Tuft – 15 pts.; Eyes – 5 pts.; Ears – 5pts

General Appearance & Temperament

Body: Symmetry and general appearance of the body are decidedly solid and firm. Females should be streamline and athletic in appearance. Males may have a larger, heftier body-type, but should not appear fat. There should be no signs of wounds or scars on the body. The gerbil should be in top health. The head is short and broad, and well set into the body. Teeth should not be overgrown or broken. Whiskers are long and full.

Fur: The coat is full, fine, soft, short, and has a smooth, healthy sheen without any greasy appearance. (Shows: adult gerbils shall not be molting.)

Tail & Tuft: The tail shall be held straight back for balance when the gerbil is in motion – free from kinks and ending with a brush like tuft. In an adult the tail shall be the same length as the body.

Eyes: The eyes shall be bright, widely set, and large but not bulging. They should have an almond shape and be symmetrical.

Ears: The ears shall be fairly small, not too rounded and carried erect.

Temperament: Gerbils shall be tame and friendly towards people, and show gentleness toward cage mates. They should exhibit a temperament that is curious, active, confident, even-tempered, exhibiting stability, playfulness, with an outgoing, loving disposition. Biting, nipping, and aggressive behavior shall be discouraged when breeding.

Show Penalties and Disqualifications

  • Penalty points are to be deducted as follows:
  • Disease or intractability – DISQUALIFICATION
  • Sores, scabs, or wounds – DISQUALIFICATION
  • Hard nipping – DISQUALIFICATION (Nipping will be immediate grounds for disqualification, repeated incidents of biting will bar the gerbil from further show eligibility.)
  • Missing fur – 10 points max
  • Excess fat – 10 points max
  • Molting – 10 points max
  • Dirty or stained fur – 10 points max
  • Dirty Show pen – 5 points max

Self (aa)
    Silver Nutmeg
    Red Fox
    Ruby Eyed White
    Pink Eyed White
    Black Eyed White

White Bellied (AA, Aa)
    Golden Agouti
    Gray Agouti
    Dark Eyed Honey
    Argente Golden
    Argente Cream
    Polar Fox
    Ivory Cream
    Yellow Fox

The ideal animal will be distinctively marked with a striking contrast of colors. The shading should be gradual and pleasantly blended away from all points, except the ears, which will contrast with shading. The shading will be darker towards the ends of the animal. At no point will the coat color suddenly change.

Color Points
    Himalayan (DTW)
    CP Nutmeg

    White Spot
    Silver Point

Recognized AGS Classes

Points & Championship Scheme

Appointment of AGS Judges

Appointment of Regional Show Secretaries

Show Rules and Regulations

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