This article was published in the AGS Newsletter #2 issue in July, 2001. The information contained within is outdated and is published here for reference / archiving / posterity purposes only.

There are six “loci” or dimensions of color:
A — controls the color of the belly (Agouti Locus)
C — controls the overall level of color produced (Albino Locus)
E — controls the balance between black and yellow (Extension Locus)
G — controls the intensity of yellow and black (Grey Locus)
P — controls eye color & lightens some coats
Sp — controls spotting (Spotting Locus)

The capital letters are “dominate” that means if the gerbil carries it, you can see it by their appearance. The small letters are “recessive”, you can only see the effect of a recessive if it is paired with another recessive, otherwise the dominate letter would mask it.

A white belly a self colored (colored belly)
C Full color cchm Color Point
ch dilutes many colors
E Full color e yellow color (suppresses some ticking)
ef Faded fur
G Golden g Gray
P Black-eyed p Red-eyed dilutes some colors
Sp Spotted sp Non-spotted


“A*” Bellied
Golden Agouti A* C* E* G* P*
Grey Agouti A* C* E* gg P*
Dark Eyed Honey
Lt. Dark Eyed Honey
A* CC ee G* P*
A* Cch/cchm ee G* P*
Honey Cream A* Cch/cchm ee G* P*
Polar Fox A* CC ee gg P*
Argente Golden A* CC E* G* pp
Argente Cream A* Cch E* G* pp
Ivory Cream A* CC E* gg pp
Yellow Fox
Lt. Yellow Fox
A* CC ee G* pp
A* Cch/cchm ee G* pp
“aa” Self/Colored Belly
Black aa C* E* G* P*
Lilac aa CC E* G* pp
Dove aa CchE* G* pp
Lt. Slate
aa CC E* gg P*
aa Cch E* gg P*
Nutmeg aa C* ee G* P*
Silver Nutmeg aa C* ee gg P*
Red Fox
Lt. Red Fox
aa CC ee G* pp
aa Cch ee G* pp
Ruby Eyed White (REW) aa CC E* gg pp
Pink Eyed White (PEW) chch pp
“cchmcchm/cchmch” Color Points
Himilayians (DTW) chch P*
Burmese aa cchmcchm E* G* P*
Siamese aa cbch E* G* P*
Color Point Nutmeg
Lt. Color Point Nutmeg
aa cchmcchm ee G* P*
aa cchmch ee G* P*
Color Point Agouti
Lt. Color Point Agouti
A* cchmcchm E* G* P*
A* cchmch E* G* P*
Color Point Slate
Lt. Color Point Slate
aa cchmcchm E* gg P*
aa cchmch E* gg P*
Color Point Grey Agouti
Lt. Color Point Grey Agouti
A* cchmcchm E* gg P*
A* cchmch E* gg P*
Schimmel C* efef G* P*
Champagne C* efef G* P* Spsp
Red Eyed Schimmel C* efef G* P*

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