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Howdy! I’m Greta and the owner of Wildstar Gerbil Kennels. Here in our little corner of Austin, Texas, we offer sweet gerbils to responsible families.

We adopted our first pair in 2013 and fell in love with them. Since then, we’ve become experienced gerbil breeders and very active in small animal rescue.

We are seasonal breeders; which means we limit the number of litters our gerbils produce each year. It’s imperative to the happiness of a gerbil to give them time to relax and do other things besides raising babies. Fulfilled, happy, stress-free gerbils produce the best companion animals in our experience.

We devote much love to every stage of pup development. From the twinkle in their parents’ eyes to the moment you bring them home, there is the utmost care given. Each pup leaves with good health, a great personality, and a lovely color. We’re proud to know that there are many happy families who can attest to the temperament, health, and striking beauty of our pups.

As animal advocates, we often introduce and pair rescued gerbils with our pups to increase their chances of adoption.

Gerbils in our care receive one-on-one attention daily so they’re used to being handled. They live at home with us and are familiar with typical household sounds.

Before any gerbil goes home, we urge interested families to come visit. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and the gerbils definitely enjoy the attention! It also gives us the opportunity to make certain that the gerbils will be happy and healthy in their new homes. Appointments are available on weekends between 12PM-8PM. Advance notice is necessary for these appointments!

If you’re ready to adopt, we would love to hear from you. Contact us using our quick form, and we’ll get back to you soon!

  • Kennel Name : Wildstar Gerbils
  • Specialty : Very friendly and inquisitive gerbils with post-adoption support. Rare and fancy colors available that are not found in stores commercially.
  • Price [USD] : Donations appreciated!
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Austin and Cedar Park areasTexas,America,78726  Show Phone Number greta@texasgerbils.com http://texasgerbils.com/wildstar/

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