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Our mission has been to raise friendly, social gerbils first, while also having as much variety in color as possible. We began breeding in April 2017 from rescues and pet store finds, our goal was to discover their recessive genetics as we went and to create a new line from scratch. First we found three sisters, Apricot, Almond, and Apple, all Light Dark Eyed Honey, and they became our first three pairs. Those couples have since retired from each other, but we have several active breeders and usually have pups of several ages year round. Let’s meet the parents!

Petunia and Peppercorn (Pepper): Petunia is a Spotted Black we found at a pet store with her own daughter, Primrose. Pepper is a Grey Agouti from our very first litter, born to Apricot and Ashwood. They’ve had six litters together, solid, spotted, pied, and lightly mottled of various colors, and are awaiting their next.

Primrose and Elm: Elm, a Lilac, was originally paired with Apple, but retired along with the other founders. Apple had daughters to live with, but their last litter unfortunately had no sons to go with Elm, and so we thought of Primrose who still needed a mate. Together they just have Black and Lilac, spotted, pied, and solids, and have had four litters so far.

Peppermint and Birch II: Peppermint is an Argente Cream, the firstborn of Pepper and Petunia, and was a single pup. Birch, a Lilac, is a rescue we took in and named after one of the founding males, though there’s no relation. They’ve had four litters together, two of seven, one eight, and lately, a singleton like its mother. They can have Argente Golden/Cream, Lilac, and Dove.

Apple and Radish: Apple was one of our founders, first paired with Elm, and they had three litters together. The last had four daughters, and she was left to live with two. Trios are tricky, however, and she began having problems with them. Soon after separating, we saw a single male at our local pet store, and took pity on him being all alone. They had a slow and difficult introduction, but have since welcomed two litters and he has become a wonderful father. Much to our surprise, he happened to be carrying c[chm], previously unknown because he is a Pink Eyed White, and also unknown, she was too! If they had not been paired we never would have found out, or been graced with our first Burmese pup, Banyan.

Clover (Jacqueline) and Dogwood: Clover was given to us by the same friend that gave us Birch II, though she came with a pedigree as she was bred by ABC Gerbils and was registered with the name Jacqueline. We acquired her on St. Patrick’s Day, so she has been known to us as Clover, and is a Grey Agouti with several recessives. Dogwood is a Spotted Dove born to Petunia and Pepper from their third, and our eighteenth, litter. They were paired when he was only two months old, and almost three months later they welcomed their first pups. They are currently the most diverse for how many colors they can produce, and we can’t wait to see what they have next.

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  • Kennel Name : Gerbil Genesis
  • Specialty : Friendly gerbils in a variety of colors.
  • Price [USD] : $15 each, $20 for spotted/colorpoint
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