Milehigh Gerbils - Aurora, CO

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Gerbils breeding is my hobby. I am only me and so my website is still under construction in several area’s, but The adoptions page is up and regularly updated.  Please bare with me as I get everything built and enjoy my website. I hope you enjoy it. 💙🐹💜

The adoptions page is up.  Currently prices are 10$ each. 2.50$ off any gerbil 12 months and older.  Gerbils live 3-5 years, so they will still make great pets.  They all need various levels of taming but all are friendly and will hand tame with patients.

Rescue’s when available – 10$ For the pair

I do sell the homes they live in, depending on model and equipment, prices vary.  I highly recommend Aquariums, they are the safest habitat for these guys.  They will chew plastic like paper and will chew through wood eventually. Glass is recommended.

I am located in Aurora Colorado just off Highway I225 between the Illiff & Mississippi exits.  Please contact me through email at if you with to adopt.

  • Kennel Name : Milehigh Gerbils
  • Specialty : Check Facebook for full listing pairings and Colors. Black, Agouti, Light Nutmeg, Argente's, with Spotted vaiartions.
  • Price [USD] : Varies
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