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Hi All! Here from New Mexico

I am "kind of" a member here.... am getting error messages when I try to pay (says PayPal is down, but I can use PayPal elsewhere...).  So, until then, I can't access many of the pages here or add my info. to the Gerbil Breeding list.

As far as I know, I am the only serious gerbil breeder in New Mexico (if anyone else is out there, holla!).  My main breeding pair is an agouti mom and a beautiful Burmese dad.  The two litters they've had have been a rainbow of different colors! First batch we got agouti, black, light agouti colorpoint, gray (probably has a fancy name, but I don't know all the color names yet) and dark-eyed honey.  The second batch so far appears to be agouti, agouti colorpoint or burmese, and two solid white with dark eyes!  I found homes for the first batch and will try to let go of the second batch as soon as they are old enough.

As well as learning the names of the colors, I will be researching here and elsewhere to learn more about the genetics.  I have info going back to grandparents for my agouti mom, but the Burmese is a petstore find.

Anyway, hello!


Hi Jill! It's great to have a member in New Mexico, you may be the first ever but if not, I think you still have most of the Southwest to yourself. We will work on getting your membership set up - the Paypal thing is a known problem we are working on. Thanks for saying hi and we'll get you set up ASAP. - Libby, AGS President

I *thought* my membership was set up... but I don't see my gerbilry listed. Can someone help me with that?  Thanks! Jill