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Random Orange pups?

Did a cobreed with @juniperjamgerbils. Got two of these strange orange pups.

Here's the thing: it should be possible. While the mom has a 25% chance of carrying either e or p, but the father has a very small chance of carrying them at all.

Dad: Siamese, aa c[chm]c[h] DD E* P* UwUw - last known p or e carrier was several generations ago

Mom: Agouti, AaCc[chm] DD E* P* UwUw - mother carries e, father carries p

So, argente/topaz/nutmeg/etc. should NOT be statistically possible? Did Katie and I break statistics?


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They're mine 🙂 Topaz or Argente Cream!!! but obviously we know that now.  I still cannot believe that Clyde carries p.

Yup.  With both of them carrying little "p"  then --   3.12% Argente Cream and 3.12% Topaz

Rest of percentages are (with unknowns considered dominate)

18.75% DTW, Agouti, Black

12.50% PeW

9.38% - LCP Agouti, Siamese

3.12% Dove and Sapphire