Danielle Cromer

Board Alternate
Danielle Cromer

Paws, claws, whatever… I’ve always had some kind of pet. As a toddler I started with a hermit crab (easy to care for, hard to kill). Age 5 saw the introduction of Brownie, my first gerbil. Later we added Jewel the torbie shorthair, gerbil sisters Isabella and Speedy, Cinnamon the golden retriever, and eventually Lady, a ChocLab/Weimaraner mix.

In middle school, a genetics project led to my first breeding pair, Snowball and Oreo. Then I got another, then… well, you know. I am currently the caregiver to around 40 gerbils (more or less — usually more). I adopt out as many as possible, but also take in new lines – and a few strays. Shooting Star Gerbils and my involvement with the AGS begain with that first pair in 2003. I didn’t begin attending shows regularly until 2011, but now I’m hooked. I became an official AGS Judge at the Midwest Show in 2015. I enjoy meeting with owners from all over the country, learning a little something from everyone and sharing our love of the little squeakers.

I was born and raised in Florida, making Gainesville my home. (No, I can’t get you Gator tickets, but ask my parents…) After high school and college, I began a career in medical coding with the Veterans Health Administration. I am so glad that Libby relocated to Florida; the southeast was getting lonely, so now I’m not the only one getting the call when 100 Gerbils appear on the doorsteps of a Humane Society three counties over. It’s a big state, though – plenty of room for everyone!

In my rare moments of free time I also enjoy reading, crochet, and romps in the wood with Lady (gerbils don’t romp so much.)