Donna Saisi Anastasi

Vice President
Donna Saisi Anastasi

I live in Southern New Hampshire in a big house in the woods with my husband and two daughters.  Growing up my parents didn’t like keeping pets, so I must still be reacting! We share our home with: a cockapoo dog, a pug, an American Eskimo, a few other rodent pets, and twenty-something gerbils.

After getting two gerbils “for the kids” several years ago, I quickly become charmed by these delightful little creatures. Next came breeding, first from local gerbils, then getting very rare at-the-time gerbils from as far away as Texas and Colorado and introducing these colors to New England. Soon after that came a total gerbil addiction. I’ve been an active member of the AGS since soon after it was established, helped organize the first gerbil show in this country, and am a certified AGS judge. I also wrote the book: Gerbils: The Complete Guide to Gerbil Care, published by BowTie Press and a second book in the same series on Chinchillas. More recently, I’ve turned to writing fiction with my book Spin The Plate.

Currently ABC Gerbils has three breeding lines: 1) extreme mottles, 2) selfs with no white markings on the chin or paws; 3) gorgeous Siamese and Burmese. In my real life I have a high responsibility, high stress job. I love gerbil care and breeding because it is a wonderful combination of being simple, relaxing, and yet challenging. Plus my gerbils are always happy to see me, standing on their hind legs begging to come out.

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