Greta Kratz

Board Alternate
Greta Kratz

I’m a proud Virginian living in Texas with my partner and a proud mom of two teen boys. Animals have always played an important part in my life. From my childhood onward I’ve cared for farm-variety animals like horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and more domestic pets like cats, dogs, rabbits, degus, hamsters and gerbils. 

As a small-scale breeder I limit the number pups born from my litters each year. Much love is devoted to every stage of their development: from the twinkle in their parents’ eyes to the moment they go home. My focus is on their good health, social temperament and lovely colors that aren’t found commercially.

As an animal advocate I often introduce and pair rescued gerbils with my own pups to increase their chances of adoption. These are gerbils that have come from less-than-loving conditions or were surrendered out of love. My goal is to make sure every one of them is rehabilitated and re-homed successfully.

Every gerbil in my care receives one-on-one attention daily so they’re used to being handled. They live at home with my family and are familiar with typical household sounds. I also have (mostly) well-behaved cats who enjoy engaging in staring contests with the gerbils, or singing in unison to their drum circles. Yes, that’s a thing.